Laurel Hill Cemetery & Arts Center

This was a project in which I was to shine light on an often-ignored landmark within the city of Philadelphia. I felt that one of the most overlooked sites in our city was the Laurel Hill Cemetery. I once stumbled upon a post online that explored many activities that are held on the premises of this historic cemetery, which really surprised me, since we don’t usually think of cemeteries as a place to hang out with friends and families. The new identity was aimed at showing Laurel Hill Cemetery as a vibrant place with an abundance of activities and events taking place on a regular basis. I wanted to portray it as a place that is worth visiting often, not just on the Memorial Day. In addition, the new identity also reflects the unconventional nature of the site, while being modern and attractive to the younger crowd in order to present a good image and attract visitors. Created identity was inspired by the emblematic work of various artists that confront basic questions concerning nature and life with some depictions of humanity's spiritual manifestations. Inspired by neo-Victorian graphics and steampunk aesthetic the new identity was conceived to reflect the rich Laurel Hill’s history while providing modern feel and its authentic atmosphere.

Deliverables: Branding / Illustration / Web Design  ·  Art Direction: Alice Drueding

Recognition: Graphis New Talent Annual / Silver Award / 2016