L'existential Cookbook

The Free Agent, an alternative newspaper from Portland, Oregon, once published a piece written by Marty Smith called The Jean-Paul Sartre Cookbook. These were, supposedly, previously unknown writings by Sartre, a young aspiring cook, who at the time was obsessed, not with the void, but with food. This project was born out of this spoof publication. For this project I was inspired by the situationist and surreal art. The imagery is mainly bold vector drawings of surreal situations: Sartre and his friends, space pizza, Sisyphus pushing an egg, — and the mood is dismissively satirical. The book draws up a seemingly random picture of Sartre’s attempt at being a chef, and shows us disconnected stories of his adventures. Moreover, the book has no structure. It has no inherent narrative that guides you from page to page. It can be enjoyed from front to back or the other way around. Although Sartre desperately needed to concentrate on his endeavors as a chef, that was hardly easy, as he was too distracted by the “void”, which is represented by the hole in the middle of the book. 

Deliverables: Concept / Graphic Design / Illustration  ·  Art Direction: Alice Drueding

Recognition: Award for Best Book Design / Juried by Tyler School of Art Faculty / 2016


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